How it works



$9 / Month

Now $4.50 / Month

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  • 300 actions per day
  • 3 search queries
  • 60-185 genuine followers per month*
  • Cancel any time


$19 / Month

Now $9.50 / Month

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  • 600 actions per day
  • 5 search queries
  • 375-625 genuine followers per month*
  • Cancel any time


$39 / Month

Now $19.50 / Month

Offer Ends Soon

  • 1500 actions per day
  • 10 search queries
  • 650-1200 genuine followers per month*
  • Cancel any time

*Based on average user performance and search queries. Not guaranteed.


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What is Tweetliker?

Tweetliker is designed for individuals and companies that want to use their Twitter accounts to target potential customers and grow their following. We are mostly used by startups and tech companies who have a strong digital element to their business but almost anyone can find value in our offering.

Are the followers generated real or are they fake/bots?

All the followers are genuine and real. This isn't you purchasing followers. This is simply a tool to automatically target potential customers in your niche. When you like a tweet, for example, the author gets a notification and will potentially follow you back.

What if I want more control over who I'm liking / following?

No one likes spam, and we want to keep Twitter mostly for humans. That's why we provide you with a way to review and approve all likes / retweets or follows before we go ahead with them. We'll gather all the tweets over time and then present you with a list to review. It's that easy.

Will it work for me?

Yes. The tool can work for anyone. However, because it’s all with real people, the effectiveness is completely down to factors such as: how you’re engaging with your audience already, your product/service and your specific search criteria.

Do you offer the same service for Instagram?

Currently, no. However, we are looking to expand into Instagram in the near future.

How long does it take to work?

Again, it depends on the factors above, but you will be able to start generating followers and sales leads instantly.